Friday, March 27, 2009

Drum Roll Please . . .

Hi Girls! Well, I didn't intend for our food blog to begin with something as mundane as mashed potatoes, but we're still in the experimenting phase and I just wanted to try posting something tonight.
So: These aren't just any mashed potatoes! They're made with equal parts red potatoes, broccoli (use the stalks too - just shave off the outer skin), and cauliflower. Just boil all three, then throw them in a food processor with whatever you have on hand (I typically use apple cider vinegar, cottage cheese, & milk). There are a million variations to this dish, but the end result is half the calories and carbs of regular mashed potatoes, more nutrition, and ALL the creamy, comfort-food, goodness! (Good way to get veggies into kids too, Molly and Nell!)


Bren said...

This look's good, I will try it. Thank you for sharing. Come visit my blog at marriagechildanddogchat.blogspot.com.

nell8888 said...

It wouldn't have occurred to me to add broccoli stalks to this and since I usually discard them when buying fresh broccoli, I think this is a fabulous idea for another use. I will test this out on the little one as well as the hubby and see if anyone reacts differently. thanks!