Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Grilled Vegetables Meet Meat

This is my first post so I thought I'd select something that is kind of an all around favorite of mine - steak and vegetables. I found a deal on 4 1-pound top loin steaks while stocking up at Sam's Club and threw this down -- well a bunch of Mondays ago now:
Meat Preparation
2 1-lb top loin steaks
olive oil coarsely ground salt coarsley ground pepper Thoroughly massage olive oil on all sides of meat. Liberally grind coarsley ground salt and pepper on both sides. Hint: I had to take a break 2 times. I preheated my grill to about 375 and put the steaks on for about 4 minutes. During the last minute or so there was a lot of flareup and the temperature soared to 575 and put a pretty good char onto the meat. I flipped and rearranged the meat, letting the grill cool back off to about 375 and let it sit for about 4 more minutes. This produced a medium-well steak which personally is the way I prefer it. The steak had a great crust of seared fat and salt and pepper. The meat was exploding with flavor and was tender to my liking. This was served on top of grilled vegetables which are detailed below.
Vegetable Preparation
4 Long Sweet Red Peppers (This was a weird little find - I'd never seen one before. They taste pretty much spot on a red bell pepper -- possibly a little sweeter, a slightly more tender texture; about the diameter and length of a small to small-medium zucchini tapering off at one end) 1 large yellow onion 1 can new potatoes drained fresh rosemary fresh thyme coarsley ground salt and pepper olive oil I laid a bed of onions and new potatoes into a disposable aluminum grilling pan and made a row of the long red peppers, quartered lengthwise. I cut up some fresh rosemary and thyme into pretty large chunks and sprinkled it everwhere. I drizzled a bit of olive oil all over and gave it a couple grinds of salt and a liberal amount of pepper. I threw the pan on the side of the grill the steak was not cooking on and let it go. The result was extremely flavorful. It had this smokey-sweet thing going on with the peppers and onions; combined with the fresh herbs it was a toothsome bed for our worthy guest. Pair it with a 2002 Napa Cabernet Sauvignon (if you're so lucky) otherwise 2005 is a good fallback. Beefy Dreams, Mike


Skye said...

Looks delish Mike! Nice picture too. But what were you doing when you had to take a break? ;)

nell8888 said...

I was curious about the break thing too - was the massaging a real workout?

Anonymous said...

Epicurial minds in the compost if I do say so ;)
- Mike