Tuesday, January 5, 2010

I have made this crisp a few times, it was a tasty use of the surplus of pears and apples I had, and so easy and fairly healthy too. I like to make a big batch with a little less sugar and eat it for a couple days, you know leave a spoon in the pan. I know we all know how to make a crisp but I found this recipe way better than any of my crisps in the past. It's not so much what you put in, apples, pears whatever you fancy, but how you put the topping together, again, cold butter cut up and quickly pressed together. Here is the link,  bonappetit.com,  it is called a pear crisp with crystallized ginger or something of that sort. I did make it exactly to the recipe the first time and the ginger is so good in it. This one is an apple tart with walnuts, the nuts always toast up nicely, I do recommend using nuts.   Molly


Big Sis said...

oooooh...dat looks tasty! Mike thinks he makes the best crumble? He doesn't know about the importance of the cold butter. I do though, after making homemade choco chip cookies.

Skye said...

Looks nice and chewy - yum!

Anonymous said...

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