Friday, August 14, 2009

little vegetable fritters

This is about the fifth batch I've made of these, because Tallulah loves them so much, and so do we. It's a great way to use up my zucchini from the garden, get veggies in her, and they're so versatile, you can add whatever is in the fridge, sometimes I add chicken and its a whole meal for L'il Miss. So I thought for any new parents out there, or for any person in the mood for a finger food dinner, perhaps paired with a salad and a glass of chardonnay, here is a simple idea for you. These are slightly crispy and chewy sweet, perfect fried in a cast iron pan to get the whole southern effect. Now, I have never measured mine, and I like to play with the consistency, but here is the recipe I followed to the best of my knowledge, and is fairly accurate, (as far as measurements are concerned). So shred your veggies and then ring them out in paper towels over the sink. I have tried many methods and this works the best, roll them in paper towels, ring out, put in a bowl ,toss paper. Then mix everything else in with the veggies, and drop them with a spoon or your hands in a med-heat pan of olive oil, let them brown nicely, then flip once and serve, perhaps with chili aioli or sour cream.

1 cup cornflour or cornbread mix, which is what I use and is a staple in my kitchen (Bob's Red Mill)
2 cups shredded vegetables( sweet potato or a starch is good to keep in it)
1 TBL baking powder, ( unless you are you using the mix, makes it easier)
1 egg
1/2 cup Parmesan
I also put a dollop of sour cream in if I have it
salt and pepper to taste

So simple, and good, Molly


Skye said...

Yum, those look delish!

jaime said...

I love seeing a new suprise treat when I pull up the blog!!!! These look extra tasty and quick to put together!
I see the format of posting in paragraphs is still not working. I will keep researching.

Jaime said...

Im going to make these tonight the chicken way. I made an Indian chicken last night and have leftover chicken to use...mmmmm Ill let you know what the boys and I thought.

Jaime said...

I made a version of these last night and they were excellent! We all loved the texture of these with the cornmeal. You could eat it like a veggie burger/sandwich style or just put a poached egg on top..mmmm scrumpy.... This is definately a great meal to use up,well, anything in your fridge. Thanks for the idea!!