Monday, February 15, 2010

Remembering Grammy... Egg Foo Yung

I don't know if you all remember going to the Asian restaurant, Ho Si Gay over in Hyde Park by Larosa's when we were little? But I think about it from time to time and how Grammy always loved the Egg Foo Young, as well as I.  It's basically an egg, bean sprout, fish sauce, soy sauce, etc, patty fried up in a pan and then ladeled with brown sauce and served with rice. You can pretty much google for recipes and get the idea. Very easy to make and if you like Egg Foo Young you should give it a try!....Jaime

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Skye said...

Ho Si Gay! Leave it to you to remember that name! It does bring back the memories. I never did like egg foo young, but from the picture you took it looks like many happy delights!