Saturday, February 27, 2010

Varying Tofu

As many tofu saute's that I've made, oddly I've never posted. Mostly because there is never a recipe but just concocting as I go. Primarily I make either Indian or Asian variations. This particular tofu saute was Indian.

In a food processer blend to a slightly chunky puree:
One small bunch of fresh cilantro, including stems
a few garlic cloves
large shallot
1 small onion
3 tbsp canola, grape seed, sunflower, or any plain oil
2 tbsp water

I like extra firm tofu, but whichever is your favorite.
Pat dry and slice into whatever size you like.
Put the tofu in a large baggie with some Turmeric and a little soy sauce

Dry fry some Indian spices:

Green Cardomon(you only need about 5 seeds)
Mustard Seeds
Red Chili or Red Pepper Chili flakesyour heat level( grind them up with a morter or coffee grinder)
Fenugreek or Methi Seeds

 Add the puree mixture to the dry fry pan of spices and simmer for about 10 minutes on  lowish until  the flavors have all fused together. Add some Methi powder now, its kinda salty so adjust any salt needs after adding this.

Add whatever vegetables, in this case I just used Broccoli and the tofu mixture. Don't stir everything together just yet....cover for a few minutes and let steam. Remove lid and stir. If you need more liquid just add a little water, and/or cover a little longer. Cook until the vegetables are done and server over rice topped with a fresh mint and cilantro.



Skyebird said...

I notice you use shallots a lot. I don't, mostly because the ones at the store I go to are usually old and moldy. Do you think shallots really add that much of a flavor difference compared to just using onions?

jaime said...

I think shallots have a more garlicy taste. Regarding how strong they are, maybe somewhere between an onion and garlic. For sauces they break down more and therefore you have the taste but not the texture of a big onion...my 2 centsers...