Sunday, April 19, 2009

Cozy Carrot Pudding

This recipe was suggested to me by Jaime, who stumbled across it at foodgawker.com. I think it's another great way of getting veggies into your kids but it also sounded like a tasty recipe for adults too. It was very easy to make, but with any homemade pudding, you have to monitor the stove top and stir it frequently so the milk doesn't scald. 1 1/2 cups shredded carrots 2 cups whole milk 4 T butter 2 T sugar 1/2 cup raisins You combine the milk and carrots together in a saucepan until they boil, then reduce heat and stir frequently until almost all of the liquid is gone. Then you add your butter and give it a stir, then the sugar, then the raisins if you choose. That's it. Foodgawker's recipe added cardamom but I didn't have any and I wanted to see how this brought out the carrot-ness of the carrots anyway so no special trips to the store for ingredients I don't have. The great thing about this recipe besides it being a veggie-dessert, is that the ingredients are simple and often in your fridge. I gave some to Molly after dinner and she liked it. I can see making this a regular in our repertoire. Thanks Jaime for suggesting it and I'll throw it back at you and suggest you make it for yourself. It's crushable. -Nell


Jaime said...

That looks so lovely! I love the tiny dishes. Im glad you tried it...I think I will try it out too.

Jaime said...

And I love the cozy in Cozy Carrot Pudding!!

Skye said...

Hey, I recognize that little doll! This pudding reminds me of that Indian dessert. Sounds good.