Sunday, April 26, 2009

Parmesan Spinach Cakes

I got this recipe from EatingWell.com. It's super easy to make and the texture and taste are very good too. Okay, it's not macaroni n' cheese good, but if you're looking for a healthy, low cal, and yes, tasty, new take on spinach you've got to try this. One review of this recipe on EW said it sort of tastes like a warm spinach dip, and yes it sort of does. The benefit of cooking it in a muffin tin is that the edges get a little crusty and chewy which make it extra good (I'm going to cook them longer next time to heighten this effect - yes, I will make them again!). Therefore, I do not think it would be as good baked in a pan. I bet artichokes, goat cheese, or other types of greens would be good as a variation of this dish. I'm going to try freezing some of them and then I'll pop them in the microwave for a quick breakfast with a poached egg when I need it.


Jaime said...

Oh gosh...I think I must make them tonight!! You should come over and drink wine with us and we can modify them a bit if you want since you just had them...maybe watch the caving video too? I love the picture with the green against that wood table and the light casting over everything! Nice Pic!!!

Skye said...

These freeze really well. I just wrapped each one in plastic wrap then put them in a baggie in the freezer. This morning for my breakfast-on-the-go I put about 1/4 cup canned, seasoned pinto beans in a tupperware, then put a spincach cake on top of that, then once at work and ready to eat, I just popped the whole thing in the microwave - delish!

nell8888 said...

I made these last week to see if Molly Ruth would eat her spinach this way as I thought she might. She did and she seemed to enjoy them as much as I did. I only filled the muffin tins about a third of the way and nothing was soggy or bad texture. I think these are basically crust-less spinach and cheese quiches. You know how I feel about quiches, mmmmm.