Monday, April 27, 2009

Stuffed Zucchini

I've been wanting to make something using quinoa that's healthy, low cal, and yummy. I ended up with this concoction. Although the quinoa ended up playing only a small role in this dish, I was pretty pleased with it (each zucchini boat = ~200 calories). For the filling, I sauteed and mixed together the following in various stages: zucchini onion garlic Quorn Grounds cooked quinoa chopped parsley golden raisins feta cheese curry powder paprika crushed red pepper salt/pepper The mixture tasted really good, but I thought it was a little dry, so I made a sauce of yogurt, 1 egg yolk, salt, and lemon juice, and spooned this over the boats. After it cooked in the oven, the sauce just sort of firmed up, but did not really add any moisture (I'm not sure what I was expecting exactly). It did however, sort of hold the filling together. But I wouldn't add the sauce the next time, it just didn't add anything special to it. Hmm, ...what kind of sauce would work with this though??? Any ideas? So, what did I learn from this little experiment? That any mixture that involves curry powder, raisins, and feta cheese will always be good - duh! Happy eating :) ---Skye


jaime said...

Ha Ha...I thought that was cheese at first...which would be good! Maybe just add a little ginger, soy sauce, oyster sauce, and/or fish sauce concoction to moisten it up before baking?

jaime said...

and i do think some good cheese like mozzarella or provolone melted on top would be great!