Monday, April 6, 2009

Dyl's 18th Edibles

A lovely day it was........... Dylan's Menu: Ribs (Japanese style) Dad's Potato Salad Slow Cooked Green Beans Extra Sweet Corn Bread Sweet Mint Tea Carrot Cake Ice Cream Dylan requested an ‘All American Dinner’. He specifically stated “No tofu or curried dishes!” Working at the Green Papaya has tired him a bit on the Asian dishes.

For the slab of ribs, I separated them in twosies and marinated them overnight in light soy sauce, water, Chinese 5-spice, garlic, sugar, a tad of sesame oil, fish sauce, and a cap full of red food coloring. The sugar and the red food coloring are the key here. You could use any variation of spices, but the sugar and the red food coloring give it that sticky red sweet Japanese BBQ look and taste…mmmmM! After marinating, I spread them out in a single layer in baking pans and poured a little more of the marinade over them, then covered tightly with foil. These cooked at 275 for an hour, and then flipped to cook for an additional hour. After 2 hours, they still looked pretty sIcK, and I was a bit worried : / I removed the foil and turned up the heat to 375 and started basting them with the juices from the pan about every 10 minutes, continuing for about ½ hour. I think it would have worked out fine if I cut the low temperature cooking time down to about 1-½ hours, then turn up the heat and baste. Anyway they were delicious for my first attempt at ribs!

The green beans, corn bread, and mint tea are pretty self-explanatory and all very yummy. I added a can of creamed corn to the corn bread to give it more sweetness that Dylan was preparing his taste buds for.

Dylan is a big fan of Carrot Cake and it has been a standard birthday request every year. This time I wanted to find something to do with these flavors, but not in traditional cake form. I found a recipe by David Lebovitz for Carrot Cake Ice Cream, and let me tell you it was CRUSHED! I followed the recipe pretty much as follows but didn’t add as many candied carrots or currants as called for. An ice-cream maker was purchased for this and it worked great. (only 25$), and I will definitely be coming up with other ice-cream/yogurt/sorbet creations. I also cooked up a simple box carrot cake. Austin made individual servings by folding the cake and ice cream together. Again CRUSHED!!!

Such a lovely day with the fam, beautiful weather, and good eatin’! Jaime


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Happy B-Day to Dylan! Looks like he picked a good dinner and I hear he has lots of exciting stuff going on these days.